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Vocabulary Unit 8 Grade 6

The smallest possible amount; the lowest permissible or possible
Unpaid or overdue debts
Good-humored, in high spirits; merry; jolly, cheerful
Cranky, ill-tempered; full of odd whims; grumpy, grouchy
Likely to spoil or decay
Blocked so that nothing can go through
Quick and skillful in movement; agile, clever; lively, keen, flexible
Not movable; not moving
Tightly drawn; tense; neat, in good order
Appearing evil or dangerous; threatening evil or harm
A handcuff, anything that chains or confines; to chain or restrain
Warlike, fond of fighting; related to war, the army or military life; hostile, bellicose
The beginning, start, especially of something violent and destructive; assault
A pattern typically in the form of metal, wood, or plastic; something that is used as a model to imitate
Wealth, riches, prosperity, great abundance, plenty
Something new, a change; the act of introducing a new method, idea, device, etc.
To shrink back and hide in fear or submissiveness, flinch, duck, fawn
A steep, narrow waterfall; something falling or rushing forth in quantity; to flow downward like a waterfall
Something that divides (such as a wall); the act of dividing something into parts or sections; to divide or subdivide
To find and bring back, get back; to put right, make good