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Crim Law 1 Final 7/23/2015

Teacher: Susan Middleton-Poole
Forcible anal or oral sexual intercourse
Fraudulent making or altering of any writing in a way that alters the legal rights and liabilities of another.
A defendant must be able to understand the proceedings against him and be able to interact with his attorneys in order to have a fair ________.
Crime which can be classified as SIMPLE, AGGRAVATED, with a DEADLY WEAPON, or with INTENT to KILL
_____Crimes are motivated by loathing of a victim based on his race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
Most dangerous form of cocaine.
The power to declare war is reserved to the _________ in the Constitution.
Type of evidence which gives extremely high accuracy in identification.
Type of property that can be tangible or intangible.
Indictment of a federal official charging "high crimes and misdemeanors.
Demanded by a kidnapper for the possible safe return of the victim.
Defense of ______ is used when otherwise criminal activities are done to save a third party from harm.
Act of taking a monetary risk on the chance of receiving a monetary gain.
Crime which consists in levying war against the U. S., adhering to U. S. enemies, or giving aid and comfort to enemies.
Degree of murder which is committed deliberately
Conduct that obstructs the court's discharge of its duties.
Act which outlaws transportation of a person across state lines for "immoral acts"
Type of Arson intended to endanger a person.
Giving false testimony in a judicial proceeding.
Type of property that includes land and everything permanently attached to it.
The _______ Rule requires a person, using deadly force to stop a crime, to withdraw if the opportunity to do so arises.
Unlawful entry into premises without permission and with intent to commit a felony.
Type of victim of most insidious type of pornography
Type of tenancy which includes the right of survivorship where the surviving tenant receives the other persons interest in the property upon the death of the other tenant.
Promise to tell the truth administered by a legally authorized person.
Type of drivers whose blood alcohol measures above the legal limit.
Type of theft where the incidents of the crime have fallen due to driver education and enhanced antitheft systems.
Crime when a person intentionally and unlawfully leaves custody.
Defense used when law enforcement officials lure a person into committing a crime.
Willful or malicious burning or attempt to burn a dwelling house.
Defense to a rape allegation.
Method allowed by the Patriot Act to follow persons whose conversations are sought as possible terrorists.
Termination of a pregnancy by something other that a birth.
A theft made by force or threat of force in the victim's presence.
Taking property from a building damaged or destroyed by a fire, riot or natural disaster.
Rape _____ Laws protect a victim by excluding a victim's sexual history.
Taking and carrying away the personal property of another with the intent to deprive him of it permanently.
Age at which a child is conclusively presumed incapable of knowing the wrongfulness of their crimes.
The finder of fact at a trial
Penetration, no matter how slight, without the victims consent