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Under the Hawthorn Tree 1

Grease from this bird was rubbed on Bridget's Chest
What they went gathering with Dan Collins early in the story
Number of dogs in the pack who attacked them
Type of tree Bridget was burried under
Name of Dan Collins' donkey
The man in chapter 10 gave them bread and ________
Name of town where Nano & Lena live
Disease that affected the potatoes
Boy who went to the Soup Kitchen with them
Type of food contained in sacks on carts
Rural homeland of the family
Type of animal Mark Kate had
Type of stones used for lighting fires
The children didn't want to go here so they escaped while walking there
Name of the town at the harbour
Only boy in the family
Youngest of the 3 main characters
Vegetables they found in chapter 8
Breed of dog that attacked Peggy
Father's name