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communications chapter 2

Set of social psychological, and cultural attributes that characterize a person as male or female
Explanations for why things are happening the way they are
Outward presentation to cover some aspects of who you are
When your actions result in success and you take credit for the success by making internal attributions
Mental images of who people are and how you feel about them
Established, coherent set of beliefs, attitudes, values and practices by a large group of people
You learned that individual goals matter more than group goals
Feelings of shame, humiliation, and sadness
You "feel into" others thoughts and emotions
Sights, sounds, tastes, touches, smells
Overall value you assign yourself
The counterpart of halo effect
General impressions positive or negative
Analyzing positive and negative things about a person to calculate and overall impression
Because of a positive gestalt you dismiss the significance of this behavior
Categorizing people into a social group and the evaluate them based on information you related to that group
Ability to view yourself as a unique person
Process of selecting organizing and interpreting information from your senses
Overall assessment of who you are
The positive self you want others to see you as