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Legal Topics--Employment Law

Teacher: Pat Palmer
A principle that bars a party from taking back certain types of promises, such as charitable subscriptions, on which another party relies.
Requiring an employer, usually by a union, to keep unneeded employees, to pay employees for not working, or to assign more employees to a given job than are needed.
An organization of employees that is formed to promote the welfare of its members.
A contract negotiated by the employer and representatives of the labor union, and it covers issues related to employment.
Allows a fired employee to recover compensatory and punitive damages if he or she can prove that the firing violated public policy.
This principle hold that any employment relationship is based on a an implied promise that the employer and employee will be fair and honest with one another.
Establishes a series of steps that an employee must follow to appeal the decision of an employer who may have violated the collective bargaining agreement.
Laws that prohibit union shops.
The ___ exception arises when an employer has said, written, or done something to lead the employee to reasonably believe that he or she is not an at-will employee.
Law that control the work that children are permitted to do.
A statement that holds that, regardless of any provisions, policies, or oral promises to the contrary, an employment-at-will situation still exists between the employer and employee.
A set amount of money to compensate employees for being discharged and to help them through the time that they remain unemployed.
A business in which a worker must join the union within 30 days after being employed.
A doctrine that states an employer is permitted to discharge an employee at any time, for any or no reason, with or without prejudice.
A business or company that requires a person to be a union member before being hired.