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The Raising of Lazarus (John 11)

After Christ raised Lazarus from the dead, what did some of the Jews who saw it do? (v. 45)
How many days did Jesus wait before travelling to Bethany?
Lazarus was Mary and Martha's _____. (v. 2 & 23)
When Christ told Lazarus to "come forth", Lazarus was _____ from the dead. (v. 44)
What was Lazarus' grave made from?
Jesus was sad, because he _____ Lazarus. (
How many days had Lazarus been dead when Christ came to Bethany? (v. 17 & 39)
In what town did Lazarus, Martha, and Mary live in? (v. 1 & 18)
Christ _____ to God, before he raised Lazarus