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The Art of Floral Design Class One

Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: Darlene Montgomery
Refrigerated storage for fresh flowers
Type of toxic gas for flowers
Hogarth curve
Necessary for fresh flowers
Specialty tool that florists use
Waxed crepe paper
What cut flowers need for energy
Asymmetrical oriental style of floral design
Floral foam
Japanese standing flowers
Era of romanticism
Person who designs with flowers
Onion, garlic related flowering plant
Laurel garlands
Woodenpics that have wire attached
Wire that is wound around a spool
Peruvian Lily
Melts glue and applies it
Floral design became a profession during this era
Hygene for cut flower processing
Fabric floral decor of satin or polyester
First woven flower baskets
The unique personal ability to look at something artistically