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WW2 Crossword Puzzle

The Facist leader of germany from 1933-1945. Blamed for the start of WW2
The Democratic President of the U.S. from 1933-1945, known for the New Deal and American contribution during WW2.
Camps in which mainly jews and other people were held prisoner during WW2, prisoners were starved and beatenand if they could work no loner then they would be gassed and killed.
An extremely poweful bomb made using the princibles of fission. Used on Japan by the U.S. near the end of WW2.
Ruthless battle fought between Axis Japan and Allied U.S. fought on Japanese occupied island, Iwo Jima.
The relocasion of Japanese Americans in the U.S. to internment camps after the bombing of pearl harbor, ended in 1945 and all the Japanese Americans went home or started a new life.
A group of allied countries during WW2, made of 3 main countries and 3 smaller countries. Antogonist of WW2.
A group of many countries including the permanent 5, all other countries had time terms that eventually ran out then another country fills in, made after WW2.
The Allied invasion of beaches in Axis occupied France. Turning point in WW2, meant to flush Germany out of France.
The bombing of a U.S. naval base positioned in Hawaii by Japan.