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Science Vocabulary Chapter 1 Lesson 1-3

A material found in nature that is useful to humans
A period in history when humans started using machines
Anything added to the environment that is harmful to living things
Radiation that is made up of electric and magnetic waves
A field of study that uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems
To break apart
An organism's natural and human made surroundings
A repeated pattern
The languages, religions, customs, arts, and dress of a people
To breed and produce offspring
The scientific name for humans
The place where an organism lives
A group of organisms that can breed with each other
The study of how living things, including humans, interact with their environment
The characteristics of the land
What humans made
All living and nonliving things found in nature
A person who hunts and gathers food
A living thing
The basic unit of life
To produce in large quantities using a machine
The ability to do work
A chemical organisms need to grow