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7th Grade Geography

A life based on herding animals
An economic system built on the idea that all property should belong to the community, or state, not to private individuals
Regional variations in language
A treeless zone found near the arctic circle or at high mountain elevations
A map that shows more specialized information like vegetation growing in an area
An area in a desert, where underground water allows plants to grow throughout the year
A period of artistic and intellectual activity
A large circular structure made of animal skins that can be packed up and moved from place to place; used as a home in Mongolia
Getting information from far away
The average weather in a place over a long period of time
How much above or below sea level a feature is
A religious practice where people worship more than one god
One of a small group of people who control the government and use it to further their own goals
Narrow, water-filled valleys
A zone of coniferous forest
Where part of the sea connects to the lower end of a river
Politics having to do with water usage or access to water
A group that is alike
A climate type that is somewhat dry
A lawmaking body made up of two houses in England
Water that is somewhat salty because it is seawater mixed with river water
The study of Earth and its peoples, places and environments
Trees like Oak, Maple and beech trees that lose their leaves in the fall
A period of slow economic growth or decline
The mass murder of vast numbers of an ethnic group or cultural group
A visit to lands that were important to the history of Christianity