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Georgia Studies

Student: Jake Sibbitt
What river boarders Alabama?
What region holds half the population?
What region has 15 barrier islands protecting it?
What mountain chain starts in Northern Georgia?
Where is Atlanta located?
What physical feature means "trembling earth"?
What region does the Chattahoochee start in?
What two hemispheres are Georgia located in?
What region is south of the fall line?
Where is FDR's Little White House?
What reigion is nicknamed the TAG corner?
What region is famous for apples and carpets?
What river borders South Carolina?
What region has the most trading ports?
What region is north of the fall line?
What nation is Georgia located in?
What structure holds the world largest standing sculpture?
What Continent holds Georgia?
What region holds Amicolola Falls?
What region has the most Georgia red clay?