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The French Revolution

France was in debt due to fighting/funding the ________ Years War and the American Revolution.
The wild hysteria following the uprisings was called the Great _______.
Marie-Antoinette wasn't French but was actually from __________.
Louis wanted to be _______ by his people.
Louis the ___ reigned from 1774-1792, and was the last king of France.
The most populous Estate was the _______ Estate.
July 14, angry mobs stormed a fortified prison called the _________.
Louis attempted to install ___________ -inspired reforms.
The Third Estate vowed to change things with the ________ Court Oath.
Nobles and _______ were exempt from taxation.
Once the Revolution took hold, the revolutionaries abolished the old medieval social system of ________-ism.
Louis and Marie's ________ was largely unpopular with the French public.
A horrible _______ shortage created major problems across France.
Marie and Louis' inability to produce _______ caused quite the political stir.
France's tax system was incredibly _________.
Angry at the other two Estates, the Third Estate formed a new group called the National _________.
The French Declaration of independence was called the Declaration of the Rights of Man and ________.
Louis XVI called a meeting of the Estates ________ for the 1st time in almost 200 years.
Louis XVI was known for making these.
Louis sent _______ to Paris, which heightened tensions.