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Chapter 1 Crossword Puzzle B: Prefixes & Suffixes

Puzzle Type: Educational
Medical Terminology Teacher: Lisa B. Himel, BSN, RN
Between or among
Away from
Excess fluid in body tissues causing swelling
Membranes that line body cavities
Torn, ragged wound
Small intestines
Localized response to injury or destruction of tissues
Invasion of the body by a pathogenic organism
Process of recording a picture or record
The act of binding or tying off blood vessels or ducts
The study of
The act of binding or tying off blood vessels or ducts
Deficient or decreased
Surgical removal
Within or inside
A picture or record
Excessive or increased
The formation or discharge of pus
The act of rotating the arm so that the palm is facing forward or upward
Pathological change of tissues due to disease
Surgical puncture to remove fluid
The act of closing a wound or incision by stitching
Toward or in the direction of
Hip bone
Person who studies
Painful, difficult, bad
Normal, good, well or easy