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The combined set of observations about the rules governing the formation of morphemes and syntax that guide language use.
The study of the relationship between body movements and communication.
Primary language in the United States of America
Official language of Kenya
The study of the development of language over time, including its changes and variations
Official language of Turkey
Official language of Federal Republic of Nigeria and spoken in Cameroon
The extinction of languages that have very few speakers
A conceptual framework positing that each element of society serves a particular function to keep the entire system in equilibrium
The study of what sounds exist and which ones are important in a particular language
Spoken language in India
Official language spoken in Indonesia
The words and terminology that develop with particular sophistication to describe the unique cultural realities experienced by a group of people.
All the words for names, ideas, and events that make up a language's dictionary
A linguist and a philosopher the suggested that humans are hard wired with a basic framework for organizing language
Spoken language of Russia
Spoken language of Spain
The study of the sounds, symbols, and gestures of a language, and their combination into forms that communicate meaning
Spoken language of Italy
A nonstandard variation of a language
One of the minds behind the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis
Spoken language in Arabia
The idea that variation in languages appears gradually over distance so that groups of people who live near one another speak in a way that is mutually intelligible
A generation of people born after 1980 who have been raised in the digital age
Spoken language in France
The specific patterns and rules for combining morphemes to construct phrases and sentences
The smallest units of sound that carry meaning on their own
The study of patterns and rules of how sounds combine to make morphemes
A famous hypothesis by Gary Chapman states that are Five ____ Languages
the second most widely spoken language of India
Spoken language of Germany