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Jesus Will Return

Rev. 1:1 He sent His ________ to John
Rev. 2:10 Be ________and I will give you life
Rev. 1:7 He is coming with the __________
Rev. 22:13 And the _______, the Last
Rev. 22:14 Those blessed will have the tree of ________
Rev. 22:12 I will give to each ______ according to what they have done
Rev. 22:16 I am the bright Morning _______
Rev. 22:21 The _______ of the Lord be with God's people
Rev. 1:8 I am the ________ (the first)
Rev. 1:2 word of ______ and the testimony of Jesus Christ
Rev.1:3________ is one who reads, hears, and takes the Word to heart
Rev. 3:11 I am coming _______
Rev. 22:20 I am ________ soon
Rev. 3:3 hold it fast and _______