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Colonial Music

Name: ____________________________
A _________ is a vessel that was used to transport mail and passengers between England and the colonies
Printed sheets of lyrics for long folk songs or ballads.
Native Americans typically sang using nonsense words, or non-lexile _______.
Primarily played by women, this instrument was the grandfather to the piano.
A communal space where music and dance were shared in the colonies.
The part of the flute that allowed the musician to make a sound without using a special mouth position.
Most Native American music was created for the purpose of _________ connection.
A group of singers performing a single melody together, but not perfectly.
Most folk songs were passed on ________, and were never written down.
Commonly referred to as a Fiddle when played in folk music, this instrument is better know as a _______.
Heard in homesick sailing songs, the "lowlands" refers to a region of this country.
The first permanent English settlement in the New World.
Capstan shanties were sung to keep time and pass time while raising or lowering the ________.
Musical productions, usually crude in nature, that used popular songs to tie a story together
Music that has been part of a culture, often learned at a young age, are referred to as ________ songs.
Many folk songs were sung by _______ on the voyage from Europe.
The head singer on a ship, responsible for leading the crew in all music during the voyage.
A sacred Native American instrument, made with materials from the Three Kingdoms.