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9.1 Plant tissues and transport

NAME _______________________________
Water molecules hydrogen bonding to each other
Layer of cells just outside the vascular cylinder that contains the casparian strips.
Plant tissue that is living and transports sugar in plants
Contains both xylem and phloem (two words with no space)
net movement of water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane from an area of high water concentration to low water concentration
Opening in the leaf that allows gas exchange
Outermost layer of cells in a root that has root hairs as extensions to increase surface area
Type of cells that surround the stomata and control whether the stomata is open or closed
Water molecules hydrogen bonding to cellulose walls of xylem
the loss of water by evaporation
Spongy tissue in the center of a stem that stores nutrients
Waxy covering of the leaf that protects
Route water takes when it travels between cells until it reaches the endodermis
Route water takes where is travels through cells
Type of mesophyll just below the upper epidermis of a leaf, the main photosynthetic region of a leaf
Plant tissue that is dead a functional maturity and transports water in plants
Type of mesophyll that contains air spaces in a leaf