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Clinical Education Terminology

Clinical Site Information Form - utilized through access to CSIF or site files. CSIF provides student with information on the clinical site.
Setting where patients go to the clinic site see PT to address musculoskeletal and neuromuscular injuries
Academic faculty member who is responsible for planning, directing, and evaluating the clinical education program for the academic institution, including facilitating clinical site and clinical faculty development
A clinical education experience in which a student is engaged for a minimum of 35 hours per week
Neuro sites: Skilled nursing facility/Extended care facility/terminal care units
A clinical education experience in which 2 (or more) physical therapist/physical therapist assistant students are assigned to 1 (or more) preceptor/clinical instructor(s).
Neuro Setting where PT is provided for at least 3 hours per day in order to improve patient's function and ability to care for themselves
A professional who administers, manages, and coordinates clinical assignments and learning activities for students during their clinical education experience
Hospital setting and site where PT is provided to those that are medically stable but unable to be discharged to SNF or home setting
The physical therapist/physical therapist assistant responsible for the physical therapist/physical therapist assistant student and for directly instructing, guiding, supervising, and formally assessing the student during the clinical education experience
Integrated clinical education (ICE) ICE is a curriculum design model whereby clinical education experiences are purposefully organized within a curriculum. In physical therapist professional/physical therapist assistant education, these experiences are obtained through the exploration of authentic physical therapist/physical therapist assistant roles, responsibilities, and values that occur prior to the terminal full-time clinical education experiences
Performance that demonstrates knowledge, skills, and behaviors consistent with effective, efficient, and safe patient/client management to achieve optimal outcomes
Clinical Performance Instrument - performance evaluation tool A valid, reliable, and multidimensional clinical performance assessment tool utilized to determine if, and how well, a student meets established objectives during clinical education experiences
Considered a neuro site setting, PT is delivered in the patient's home
Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program - established by APTA to instruct CIs on clinical teaching, assessment, legal issues (Dr. Eckert and Emmel both are Trainers for CCIP and provide courses 1-2 times a year to train clinicians)
Setting where PT is provided in the hospital as patients recover from illness, surgery, trauma. Patient is discharged as soon as possible.