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Fun facts of Ohio & Hilliard plus random pop culture

This school was originally called Hilliard High School until '97
4th of July colorful light display
Home of the Panthers
State Abbreviation
A park for a place to reflect and remember
Spring Showers, bring May
Established 1853
Bradley Mascot
Driving "around" in circles
2020 Olympics
Number of Ohio Born Presidents
Feeling a little hot? Dive right in, Hilliard has 2 of these
Dayton Brothers who successfully were the first to fly
A lineage of loved ones
Rubber City, Ohio
Red Songbird
Rounding the bases
Watch these at the Hilliard museum
This Park takes you back in time
Recreation and
Lawn game where close counts
Not Norwich Twp, but
Streaming movies and shows
Also known as the "Rails to Trails"
School Transportation
Celebration at the...
Poisonous Nut
_____ A. Reynolds Municipal Park
Total Number of Hilliard Middle Schools
A place to find Food, Rides, and Animals in the July
Stars and Stripes