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Soil Ecology Basics

Teacher: Mrs. Russell
This soil hue is usually found in the tropics and is wet and humid most of the time.
The richness of soil color or how much light is reflected.
The arrangement, or grouping of sand, silt and clay particles in the soil.
The purity of the soil color.
This soil hues is found in wet and colder environments.
The darker the soil, the more ______.
The actual color of the soil.
The smallest particle of soil.
A tightly packed structure has a higher ____ because it has less open space for air and water.
Sand, when wet, feels _____.
The spaces between clay particles are very _____.
When wet, clay feels like ____.
Sand is commonly found by the ____.
Clay is usual found at the ____ of a river.
Because clay is so tightly packed, it is often referred to as _____.
Silt is smooth and slightly stick when wet, kind of like ____.
A soil ____ is a mix of sand, silt and clay.
The largest particle of soil.
Silt is commonly found along the ____.
This vegetable has the ability to change soil density.
The soil hue receives a lot of iron from parent material.
An intermediate sized particle of soil.