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The Rendezvous & Jewelbox Theater

Sit or _____
______ Chicken Strips
Former building owner B.F. _____
Spices our house Moscow Mule
Served from our kitchen
Basement Cult
Daily, at 4pm
2ND AVE IN 1926
Frequently found smoking on the patio
Like many bands that play The Jewelbox Theater
Annual Fundraising Donation Campaign 'Give ____'
Fabric that dons the lounge
Updated burlesque
First Friday Feature
Admission to Saturday's Open Mic
They live in the basement
The Jewelbox Theater is under a fiscal sponsorship with
Handles all your ticketing needs
Something blown your way during a Burlesque Show
Tuesday night's Nest, formally known as the ____
_____ Exposed by Staci Bernstein
Where some tickets may be held
Vodka's friend
Performance _____
The art form that incorporates tease and titillation
First ingredient in our dessert martini 'The Top Hat'
The Official Bad Art Museum of _____
The quarterly classic Emerald City Burlesque _____
Monday Night's Bartendress
The venue's color of choice
Owner Jane _____
#Social Distancing _____ Club
Accessible, like our bathroom
From 4-6pm Daily, Happy ____
Enjoyed on Groundhog's Day
Neighborhood grassroots community organization
Served in a pint
65 seats, say
Time when the venue was Password Protected
Activity frequently done through the alley door
Bon Appétit: The Julia Child _____
Advertised in neon
Where many costume changes have taken place
What may be heard at a comedy show, abbr.
Back row in The Jewelbox Theater
Fast theater snack
The Grotto, e.g.
Dress code for Saturday's Brunch
Shows one's enjoyment, say
When you must be in your seat
The Show ____ Go On!
Place where you will find performers
Short or long form
A previous late night specialty featured on Friday and Saturday nights
Eaten after our Julia Child show