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Biology Terms Crossword Puzzle

Mrs.Readore : Christian Joubert
Group that is receiving the factor that is being used
Artificial law that can't be relied on in science
Measurement system used by scientist in which divisions of powers are 10
Information that is gained from an experiment
Procedures used to test a hypothesis
The one factor that can be changed in an experiment
The study of life
Set of values
Assumption usually based off of experience
Knowledge based off the study of nature
Describes relationships under certain conditions in nature
Educated explanation that can be proven in an experiment
Factor being measured in an experiment
Direct method of gathering information
Unit of mass
Series of problem solving procedures , normally used in an experiment
Group not receiving the factor that is being tested in an experiment
Results of someone's experiment or your own is being repeated and he results are reevaluated
Explanation of a natural phenomenon based on a previous investigation
Factor that remains the same during an experiment