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Grade 1 - 5 Character

Small curved position of the leg
Czardas 2 times
bring down (one's foot) heavily on the ground while straightening knees
Step to the side in 2nd, cross the other leg behind and repeat crossing forward
Step of the basque people, from regions in France and Spain
Deep lunge to the side onto 1 leg, with both knees bent and in parallel, without knees touching the floor
In parallel with legs together, straighten legs sliding one leg to the side at hip width and transfer weight to working leg closing the legs together in parallel, bending both knees
3 beat steps travelling, keeping level low and knees bent, heels only touching the floor on the 1st step
turn on or as if on a central point
Sharply turn out and relevé to click heels together
Step forwards onto the heel with flexed feet, lift back foot off to form a 90 degree with stretched foot, balancing before lowering onto the front foot with relaxed knees gently
On the spot
Commencing with a brush hop to the front, lunge forward with back leg straight and off the floor, then chug forward
Cabriole, step side and step cross forward
Step open towards 2nd position with legs turned in, squeezing thighs together, snatch legs in while turning out, clicking heels together
Spring onto 1 foot, heel dig the other foot with transfer of weight and return onto the other foot with relaxed knees
the theatrical technique of suggesting action, character, or emotion without words, using only gesture, expression, and movement