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Force and Motion

A push or pull
We would never be able to move without exerting
All the forces acting on an object
The theory of what goes up must come down
when two surfaces slide one over the other
Another type of force
The force of gravity is measured in units called ?
If _______ increases the force decreases
The ability to do work or cause change
The speed and direction of a moving object
The unit of measure for energy
The rate at which an object changes position
The third type of force
The force of gravity on an object
The force that opposes motion
The amount of matter in an object
first person to hypothesize that the force that pulls an apple to the ground also pulls the moon toward Earth, keeping it in orbit.
Energy of motion
______ acts in a direction opposite to the objects direction in motion; slows down or stops an object
One type of force
Sir Issac
An object’s tendency to resist a change in motion
A measure of how difficult it is to speed up, slow down, or change the direction of a moving object