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Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Teacher: Mitchell
Coined phrase "Men for Others"
Location of cave in which Ignatius lived
Preoccupied with one's appearance
Holy Land
Consists of context, experience, reflection, action and evaluation
Co-founder of Jesuits
Textile art that Fr. Daly used to describe Ignatius' life
Adjective for all things Ignatius
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Choosing when all courses of action are potentially good
Manual on how to make a retreat
Mission endeavor
Region in Spain
Where Ignatius vowed to serve Christ
What one is do with the present moment
Of that which Ignatius is patron
Medieval intellectual movement in Europe
Battle in which Ignatius was seriously injure
8th period awareness check
Language of Scholars
Another name for Our Lady of Montserrat
Pope who ordained Ignatius
Latin acronym for Greater Glory of God
Symbol on the official seal of Jesuits
One on a religious journey
Church protest movement in Europe
Co-founder of Jesuits
Ignatius' image of his relationship with Jesus
Latin for "the more"
Prayer we have memorized
Member of the Society of Jesus
Where one is to find God
One who has a seat at the royal court
One who is zealous for knowledge
Acronym for a Rambler at Graduation