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10th Hist. 13th Cent. Culture

Special houses were made for _________ to keep them out of Church and regular society.
One of the most famous epics from the 13th century was the Legend of King _________.
Composers and performers of lyrical poetry
Epic, long poems about heroic nobles.
The Church council also nailed down Communion, or, The _________.
A lot of writing from the 13th century was designed to make _________ feel better about themselves.
The most prominent heretical movement in the 13th century.
Fantastic tales involving the exploits of knights.
The 4th __________ Council nailed down Church sacraments.
The Pope decreed that it was the job of kings to handle _________.
13th century composers were often accompanied by musicians, called this.
Jews by and large could only find work as ____________.
The Church promoted _______ to live in towns as a sort of "village pastor."
This monk lived a life of poverty and brought religion to the common people.
___________ offered a form of independence for women.
The Council also declared that _______ must wear items that identified them as different from Christians.
Most musicians from the 13th cent. wrote about aristocratic love, the power of women, and _________.
The First pope educated at universities was __________ III.