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Napoleon Pt. I

The Napoleonic _______ totally revamped France's laws.
Napoleon was born here in 1769.
Napoleon greatly extended the rights for this people group in France.
In 1803, this country violated the peace treaty with France (no spaces).
In 1804, Napoleon crowned himself ___________.
After being given command in 1798, Napoleon's scientists discovered the Rosetta Stone in _________.
In 1797, Napoleon commanded the French army in ________, winning many battles.
Napoleon established a class system in France primarily based on ______ and talent.
In 1802, Napoleon was named _______ for Life.
Napoleon was briefly imprisoned for his association with ____________.
Napoleon entered a _______ academy at age 9.
Napoleon was _________ by his classmates.
Napoleon largely did away with the ________ system.
Napoleon helped standardize the _______ system in Europe.
Napoleon was a huge patron of the ______ and sciences.