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St. John's Middle Grade Book Challenge

Coyote's dad
Genie's older brother who scoops dog poop and is brave
Group of kids whose parents were cancer survivors
Xan accidentally fed this to a baby instead of starlight
The name Toby used when he went down in the well to save Betty
The Buckminster boy's name
A Wish in the Dark is a retelling of this famous book by Victor Hugo
Ada and her brother Jamie are shipped out of London to hide from the ______
James Parker's prosthesis is made out of this
The goat on a bus
Zoey's friend with a colorful name
Rukku's dog
Michah's grandfather who loved the circus when he was a boy
Edward Tulane lived in a house on ____ Street
The famous ghost Jerome met
Gramp's nickname for Salamancha Tree Hiddle
Town in Nebraska where the Blue River Co-ed Correctional Facility is located, where Perry grew up
Name of the Texas town where Calpurnia Tate grew up
Name of Sam's falcon on the mountain
Louisiana and Beverly's friend who the book is named for