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biology crossword

The proposed explanation to a problem
The maintenance of a constant internal enviorment
The process of using the senses to obtain information
The testing of your hypothesis
What mammal need to breathe
A main source of energy for animals
A full set of chromosomes
A substance that cannot be separated into a smaller substance
The transferance of traits from a parent to its off spring
Smallest unit of an element
An explanation based on observation, experimentation and reasoning
A statement made that expresses the results from a testing hypothesis
The variable you change in an experiment
Deoxyribonucleic acid
An organism made up of cells that have a nucleus enclosed by a membrane
A segment of DNA that is passed on through heredity
Human immundeficiency virus
The study of the interactions between living organisms
The gradual development of a species over time
Smallest unit of a substance
A substance made of two or more elements