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Geometry Vocabulary 20150911

Teacher: Elizabeth Lampe
A common measurement unit for circular arcs.
Triangle point of concurrency where all the perpendicular bisectors of the sides meet.
Formed by two rays with a common endpoint
Forming right angles.
A specific location. It has no dimension and is represented by a dot.
"on the same line"
Cuts an angle or segment into two congruent parts.
Triangle point of concurrency where all the angle bisectors meet.
An angle formed by opposite rays measuring 180 degrees.
The same distance from (each other or in relation to other things).
Coplanar lines that do not intersect.
Common endpoint of the two rays that form an angle.
"on the same plane"
Portion of a line consisting of two endpoints and all the points between them.
Point dividing a line segment into two congruent segments.
A statement that is accepted as true without proof.
A flat surface that extends forever in all directions.
A connected straight path. It has no thickness and it continues forever in both directions.
A portion of a line that starts at a point (the endpoint) and continues forever in one direction.