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PLTW Computer Science Lesson 1: Blink!

A program that translates instructions or code into a language that can be read and understood by a computer.
Something unexpected that happens while a program is running.
A diagram that represents an algorithm, work flow, or process, and uses geometric symbols connected by arrows to show the direction of the flow of action.
A chip that processes information and data from input and delivers information or data as an output.
To carry out or put into effect.
To break a problem down into smaller pieces.
Scientists who apply their knowledge of computation to creating solutions using a computer system.
A command that performs different actions depending on whether a condition is true or false.
To identify bugs or errors in computer hardware or programs and fix them.
A method to analyze and record information about a program's execution.
An antenna used to create a personal area network that uses low energy to power Bluetooth wireless technology.
A flaw in a computer program that causes the program to produce an incorrect result or behavior.
The science of creating artifacts and solving problems using the help of a computer. Some of the areas of focus include software engineering, programming, data analysis, algorithms, graphics, and animation.
An interruption or break in a signal or transmission from one device to another.
Building interactive physical systems using software and hardware that can sense and respond to the analog world.
The process of solving problems using a series of steps.
Information or signals produced or delivered by a computer system.
A semiconductor diode that emits light when conducting current.
A standard, short-range wireless connection for electronic devices.
Repeating a process to yield results successively closer to the goal.
A small computer on a single integrated circuit containing a processor, memory, and programmable inputs and outputs.
Information or signals put into a computer system.
An ordered set of instructions that are used to carry out a task.
An introductory programming method. Unlike traditional, text-based programming, block-based coding is a drag-and-drop programming environment where code blocks snap together to form a program.
A set of instructions that a computer executes to achieve a particular objective.
A simulator that imitates a program or events.