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Communications Chapter 1

Student: Hannah Aley
A state of awareness in which you're conscious of your reasons for thinking or behaving
Skills that help you improve your communication in a wide rang of forms
Skills that enable you to communicate effectively in small groups or with large audiences
Communication addressed to an extremely large audience, mediated by audio or visual means
Skills that enable you to present yourself as a confident, likeable, approachable, and credible person
Communication between two or a few persons
Communication within oneself
Communication that proceeds through questions and answers
Skills that help you to build friendships, enter into love relationships, work with colleagues, and interact with family members
The type of noise that is external to both the speaker and listener
Listeners or readers
Speakers or writers
The tendency to divide communication transactions into sequences of stimuli and responses
A message that refers to another message
Communication within an organization
Anything that interferes with your receiving a message
Information you provide before sending your primary messages
Messages sent back to the speaker reacting to what is said
The study of good and bad, right and wrong, and moral and immoral
Communication of speaker with audience