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13th Century Culture Cont. + Frederick II vs. the Popes

Frederick issued the Statute in Favor of the _______ in 1232, giving them more power.
The fighting between Frederick and the Popes lasted _______ years.
Applying logic/reason to Christianity
________ art was largely found in stained glass.
Popes and Holy Roman Emperors for many decades wrestled for control over ______.
English Romances like King Arthur featured several quests centered around faith, such as the quest for the Holy ______.
The Church and the German Princes and Barons wanted a _________ Emperor.
Most powerful and influential Scholastic was St. ________.
Pope ________ III crowned Otto Emperor of the HRE under Otto's promise he would not invade Italy.
The writer _______ wrote in the common tongue, influencing literature and Italian culture forever.
Frederick II was an heir to two cultures: ________ and Italian.
Motets were songs that combined the _______ with the secular.
Frederick II felt the most home in the island of ______.