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20th century music after WWII

Style that incorporates a wide variety of different kinds of music
Playing "between the cracks," used by Harry Partch
Composer of Blue Cathedral
Composer of a modern St. Mark Passion
Composer of the opera "L'Amour de loin"
Wrote music for prepared piano
Introducing chance or random elements into music
Composer of Threnody
Composition teacher at University of Pennsylvania, wrote Black Angels
Composer of Hyperprism
Composer of the masterless hammer
Early woman composer of electronic music
Composed music that uses four tape recorders
Technique developed by Arvo Pärt
Music based on the repetition of short figures
Composer who made the Billboard chart for pop music
Used arithmetic as a compositional tool
Composer of concentration camp music
Composer of Klavierstück XI and Gesang de Jünglinge
New York composer, advocate of adjusted serialism
Wrote Doctor Atomic and Fast Ride