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Psychological Disorders Vocabulary

A disease that starts slowly and gets worse over time
Bad words; not socially appropriate words; cuss or swear words
A habitual way of speaking or behaving
A test that is the same for every student.
Extreme forgetfulness
A person showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment; innocent
Unrelated; not connected
To be late or slow
A moment in a babies life when they learn to go to the bathroom
Very bad or intense
When someone can’t stop thinking about something
To consume a lot of something in a short amount of time
A disease that starts suddenly but doesn’t last long or return
A medication used to kill a virus
a physical or mental feature which shows evidence of a condition or disease
A machine that measures heart beat; used to tell is someone is lying (lie detector test)
A sudden strong and unreflective urge or desire to act.
To release or get rid of something; vomit
A sudden feeling of high anxiety
To make something bigger than it is
When someone can’t stop doing something; a strong urge
When someone suddenly experiences trauma as if they were actually there
a short period in which someone is affected by a specified illness
The ethical rule that keeps professionals from speaking about celebrities mental health in public
A person completely controlled by an evil spirit.
A deeply distressing or disturbing experience
A mark of disgrace connected with a particular circumstance, quality, or person
A weakness of character or behavior; a bad habit.