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Genesis into Abraham

Teacher: Mom and Dad
Tree branch brought back by bird revealing that waters had receded. Gen. 8:11
Mighty hunter, wicked man built Tower of Babel
A way the Lord often punishes wicked people. 2 Nephi 6:8-11
Knowing this greatly helps understanding scriptures
Place wicked people were seeking to get by building the Tower of Babel
Number of people on the ark
Type of bird sent forth by Noah seeking to know if flood had receded; Gen. 8:8
Vanity builders of Tower of Babel were seeking. Gen. 11:4
This confusion stopped the construction of the Tower of Babel
What unrighteous people did to Noah when he prophesied the flood
Sign of Lord's covenant not to destroy earth by flood again
Tar like substance use to make the ark watertight.
Bird sent forth by Noah. It went to and fro until waters were dried up; Gen. 8:7
Number of some of the animals taken on the ark.
Noah built