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Science of Weather Article

Cold air will move __ warm air.
Moving air.
Big puffy whit clouds.
Formed by condensed water vapor.
Warn fronts can cause light rain and __.
Water __ into water vapor.
Warm air is __ than cool air.
The spin of the Earth cause the __. (2 words)
Clouds on the Earth's surface.
Cool air is __ than warm air.
Cold fronts can cause heavy rains and __.
Where warm and cool air masses meet.
Water __ to form clouds.
Warm air will move __ cool air.
High, thin clouds made of ice crystals.
The science of weather.
When water falls from the clouds.
What is going on outside right now.
Low flat clouds that cover the entire sky.
A lot of warm air produces __ pressure.
A lot of cool air produces __ pressure.