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Biome Crossword

Refers to the area that is farther away from the shore but close to the surface
Mostly in the higher regions of the earth
A deep-water zone that is below the limits of effective light penetration
Is the most northerly circle of latitude on Earth
Contains climate change
Mostly marine organisms
Low average precipitation
A lot of precipitation
It is thus the southernmost latitude where the Sun can be directly overhead.
An imaginary line across the earth
Parallel to the equator
Contains kelp forests
Higher temperatures
Areas made up of ecosystems
Contains higher equates and lower poles
Uneven intensity due to earths curvature
Contains beras, pine trees, and deer
A shallow zone near the shore
Low growing vegetation
Distinct wet and dry seasons
This is an example of a biome
Dry area with little rain
The prevailing weather conditions in any given area