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Explorer's Academy - Sea Turtles

True or False: Sea turtles can retreat into their shells?
One of sea turtles' favorite foods (plastic bags can look like these in the water)
This determines whether or not the eggs develop into males or females
Common predator that eats sea turtle eggs
Cool ____ (cooler eggs will become males)
Name for a turtle's lower shell (bottom side)
Like other reptiles, sea turtles are ___- blooded
Rarest sea turtle in the world
____ chicks (warmer eggs will become females)
Name for the hard shell on a turtle's back
Largest sea turtle species
Leatherback sea turtles have been known to ____ 1,000 feet deep in the ocean
Sea turtles have these to help them swim well
Sea turtles are _____ (same group as snakes, lizards, and alligators)
Unfortunately, most sea turtle species are at risk of going extinct, also known as _________
One of the smallest sea turtle species (named after the color of the turtle)
Most common sea turtle in Florida
Sea turtles have a special gland that removes this from the water they drink
Many sea turtles can hold their breath for over ___ minutes!
Where sea turtles lay their eggs