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American Life and Culture

GOP icon
Independent inspector
Spiegel of Snapchat
Masked man
Fat for cooking
Canada to Tennessee
Law degree (plural)
Science educators' alliance acronym
Old Red Sox right fielder
Pig noise
Entitlement income
Federal government service classification
Midwestern tourist city
Chess piece abbreviation
Trump golf course city
Partial dam purpose
Formal change
Steinbeck migrants
MLB's Rose
Whitman: "_ _ _ _ soul reflected in Nature,"
"...of pepper"
Offsets service charges
Church in Bing Crosby film
Technician certifier
Quaker grain
Ranch helper
Theater actor/What's My Line? panelist
MLB perfect game thrower
Sportscaster Collingsworth
Banana pudding ingredient
A tiny bit
NFL running back/actor
Flagstaff observatory mechanism
Presidential city
Former NCAA conference acronym
OG tech company
Shape of top power center
Port side (plural)
Unsatisfactory outcome
Price is Right game
Fish eggs
" win it"
World Entertainment Capital
Missile guidance method acronym
Lacework technique
"Only Time" singer
"The _ _ a fascinating monster." -Morissette
"Fiddler on the Roof" character
Military target system acronym
Administrative subpoena
Essential for Aspen
Most Wanted Fugitive initials
Popular tomato variety
Phil Knight's footwear company
Savion Glover's talent
Edge of hoop
Curious George creators
What's on Taylor Swift's guitar
Online marketplace
"_ _ perfumed sea" -Poe
Quality control acronym
Newhart actor
Reddit interview
Bombshell actress
Disgraced VP
"You _ _ mouthful."
Initials: Lincoln son + thriller director
Bluegrass sound
Tommy Lee Jones film: "In the Valley of _"
"_ _ first you don't succeed..."
Blood fluid prefix
Advanced operational analytics
Chicago art college
Result for undefeated player