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Geometry unit 1 vocabe

Puzzle Type: Educational
Student: Ben Dolph
Two rays that share the same endpoint and form a line is a __________.
Two lines that share 1 point are called ___________.
Some other segment that intersect a segment at its midpoint is a __________.
A _____ is formed by two rays with the same endpoint.
A line that goes in one direction without end is a _____.
All points and lines that lie on the same plane _________.
The number of square unites enclosed by the figure is an _________.
The figure is the set of points the figure have in common is an ___________.
A ______ geometric tool that measures the length of an object.
A flat surface that expands without end is a _________.
A segment that is perpendicular to the segment at its midpoint is a ____________.
Lines that do not intersect are ____________.
A ____________ is a measurement of 90 degrees.
_______ are lines that intersect to form a right angle.
A _______ is another word for kissing angles
The measurement of an angle that is given in a __________.
Two points on a line and all the points between them is a __________.
An angle that is 180 degrees is a ___________.
If two expression have the same value then they are _____________.
Point that lie on the same line are ___________.
A ruler with no marking on it is a ___________.
If no diagonal contains points outside the polygon ___________.
The sum of total distance around an object is a ___________.
An accepted statement of fact is a __________.
Any angle under 180 and over 90 degrees is an ____________.
A geometric tool used to measure angles is a _________.
A location with no size is a _____.
Something that goes in both direction without end is a _________.