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Idustrialization and the "Gilded Age"

US History: Coach Green
Created a monopoly in the oil industry
_______ ________ system is where individual are free to produce and sell whatever they wish and is influenced solely by the pressures of competition and supply and demand
Workers organized in these groups to help obtain better working conditions
Created a steel monopoly in the late 1800's
________ shops were businesses where only union members can be hired
Joined the east coast to the west coast in 1869
Form of protest by labor unions in in which the worker marches outside the job site protesting
Allowed for iron to be turned into steel more efficiently
Federal Law passed in 1890 to stop monopolies engaging in unfair practices
Person or small group who starts or invests in a business in the hope of making a profit
________ _______ Act Federal law created in 1887 that gave Congress sole power to regulate trade that went from state to state
_________ brothers given credit for being the first to maintain sustained flight in their airplane
A company that is chartered by a state and recognized in law as a separate person
The trading system for over-the-counter stocks under the sponsorship of NASD and Nasdaq
Labor union that included skilled and unskilled workers
Public opinion about unions swung to the "too violent" category in 1886 with the " _______ Affair"
"private initiatives, for public good, focusing on quality of life".
Started the Knights of Labor
A company having complete control over the supply of a product or service
Invented the telephone
President of the American Federation of Labor (AFL)
_______ age is the time period from 1865-1900
Given credit for producing the first effective light bulb