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Colonial Era

Teacher: Bradford
Sweet crop grown in the Carribbean
City Upon a Hill Sppech
These courts were used to try smugglers
Buffer colony against the Spanish
Preached God spoke directly to women
Led a rebellion against Governor Berkeley
Ordered the Act of Toleration for maryland
50 acres given to those who paid the passage over
Wealth is limited
1st agreement for self government
Sudden outbreak of religious of religious piety in 1739
Wrote Poor Richard's Almanac
Middle colony crops
Comes from trees used to waterproof ships
Staple crop of the South
Wiped out the Indians
Fought against Wapanoag Indians in MA
Raw product of New England
Oldest legislature
Site of hysterical teenage witch trials
Disease caused by mosquitoes
Leader was Sir Andros: combined MA,RI,CT,NY,NJ,VTNH
Hanged in NY after Dominion of New England replaced
Only the 1st son gets the wealth
Lord Baltimore and Lord Penn ruled by this
Founded Rhode Island, religiously tolerant colony
New form of religious service in colonies
An example would be Quakers
Quality only possible in a Quaker
Shape of trade between AF, EU and colonies
Covenant only converted children
Indian tribe of the South