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The Revolutionary War

Teacher: Mr. Haberkorn
Indian allies of the French
______Passage, the trip of slaves from Africa to America
The place of the "shot heard 'round the world"
Boston ______, a snowball fight gone bad
A European intellectual movement of the 1700s emphasizing reason
Treaty of _____, which ended the Revolutionary War
First major attempt by Parliament to tax the colonies
Cornwallis surrendered here
Capital of Canada that fell to the British in 1759
The man who wrote "Common Sense"
German mercenaries
_______ Acts, British attempt to control colonial trade in 1650
What was dumped into Boston Harbor
A country must have more gold & silver coming in than going out
King of England who lost the American colonies
_____ neglect, when the British left the American colonies alone
Second Great _____, American religious revival
The turning point of the Revolutionary War
Washington surprised drunken Germans
The country that helped America most during the Revolutionary War