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The Civil War and Reconstruction Era

Teacher: Bradford
Iron-clad ship used by the Union
50 percent had to take an oath
Plan to strangle the Confederacy by closing the Mississippi River
The name associated to the "kids" of the country
Impeached President but not kicked out of office
Place where Lee surrendered to Grant
Most lived in the South
Lincoln only required this many to pledge loyalty to the Union
This amendment grants equal rights
First machine gun
Iron-clad ship used by the Confederacy
This Amendment protects freedom of speech and religion
Bad institution that made southern farmers poor
What Conferedate money become when the Civil War ended
Actually won the election of 1876
Your rights are written down in this document
This when divided cannot stand
Top general for the Union
Speech given at Gettysburg to honor fallen soldiers
This Amendment grants the right t vote not matter the color of your skin
Concept where bridges, railroads, crops and civilians are targets
Capitol of the Union
Early parties were also Whigs, Free-Soilers, Know-Nothings and now Radicals
Assainated by John Wilkes Booth
Theuse of navy ships to block a port
Lee attacked this town in Pennsylvania to get shoes from the shoe factory
President of the Confederate States of America
This Amendment ended slavery
War-time prison in the South
What Lincoln wanted to preserve the Union
Southern who wanted the South back in Congress
City suffered a seige:surrounded by the Union
New type of cannonball that led to serious injuries
Used the Compromise of 1877 to become President
Name adopted by the states that remained the United States of America