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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Words with Prefixes!

Teacher: Asuka
Yuki, you shouldn't ______ your talent. You are a gifted dancer!
My friend bought her wedding dress for $10,000! It was clearly _______.
In your writing, the expression 'however' was ______. Try to find different expressions to say this.
Ladina believes in _______ life. She has so many books about UFOs and space.
At Big Bad John's there was only one server and it took us forever to get our drinks! They are _______.
Valentine has _______ grandparents. For her birthday every year, they host a big party and invite all her friends and family friends and then take her on a two-week-long trip.
Asuka is ______ about her height. If you make a comment about her being short, she'll get upset.
Alexandra does a lot of ________ activities; she has a flute lesson on Monday, a horseback riding lesson on Wednesday and Thursday, and a Latin lesson on Friday!
Children often become _____ after they have a big piece of cake or a big scoop of ice cream.
Some areas in the world are _______. They are running out of space for housing for everyone.