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Nature attacks

To welcome or say hello to sb
Being on the surface of water
To think about sth because you are worried or suspicious about it
A long period of time in which no rain falls
Sliding mass of earth or rock from a cliff or mountain
A large amount of water that moves quickly and dangerously
A smaller earthquake that occurs after a large one
To go somewhere risky or unpleasant
The areas into which a country is divided for local governing
To strongly advise
Sth that makes a loud noise, usually found on ambulances, police cars and fire engines
To sit closely hugging each other
A shellfish
To go back
The size or level of sth
To move around without purpose
A large amount of ice and rock falling down a mountainside
Bricks, glass and other material that remain after a building is destroyed
To make sth work, activate
One of the steep sides of a mountain
Barrier to protect the land from the force of the sea
A piece of land along the side of a river or lake
When sth gets too full and spills over
Flow over and cover
To sit at the edge of or on top of sth