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Kaidens Weather Crossword

Water droplets that while high in the sky is warm enough to stay as water but freezes when it gets close to the ground
Lots of warm moisture in the air
Air that can blow at different speeds
Water droplets that crystalize in the air
A severe tropical storm with very high winds
Someone that studies weather
Rays of heat coming from a large ball of gas
This can be measured in fahrenheit or celsius
Water droplets that freeze in the air
This shows the direction the wind is blowing
A destructive wind with a funnel shaped cloud
What is produced by the rapid expansion of the air surrounding a lightning bolt?
A large collection of tiny floating water droplets
Electricity that sometimes goes through the sky during a storm
Warm westerly winds that blow down the rocky mountains
A severe snowstorm with high winds and low visibility
When a gas turns to liquid by cooling
This is caused by the refraction of light through water droplets
Water droplets that fall from the sky
A long period of very hot weather