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Weather and Water

A bright flash of light caused by an electrical discharge between two clouds or from a cloud to Earth
A day of the year when the North Pole is angled farthest toward or away from the sun
Able to be replaced or restored by nature
The path and time it takes one object to travel around another object
Water stored below Earth's surface
A less than normal amount of rain or snow over a long period of time
A gas that absorbs and radiates energy in the atmosphere, trapping thermal energy
A loud, explosive sound created by lightning
An object that orbits a star and is massive enough for its own gravity to force it into a spherical shape
A weather tool that measures air pressure
Precipitation in the form of small balls of ice
A fire occurring in nature that can be driven by winds
A severe storm with low temperatures, strong winds, and extreme snow
A cyclone or severe rotating tropical storm that produces high winds and severe rain in the Northern Hemisphere east of the International Date Line
A large amount of water spilling onto a land that is usually dry
A large, hot ball of gas radiating huge amounts of energy
The mixture of gases surrounding Earth
Energy transfer by contact between particles
The reference star pointed to by the North Pole
Clouds that are piled up from low to high levels and bring rain
A forceful, vertical air current
A tornado-like swirling column of wind or water
An instrument that measure thermal energy as temperature
A day of the year when the Sun's rays shine straight down on the equator and the length of the day and night are equal everywhere
An imaginary axle that a planet spins on