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Vocab Units 1-3:

Student: Calla Fagone
An ability; potential.
Something left over.
To seize; to arrest.
To solidify; to clump or clot.
To put dow; to drop.
Not lasting forever.
A copy; an imitation
To understand.
Condition surrounding something; a situation.
In working order.
A condition or situation.
An idea put forth; a suggestion.
The makeup of something.
Something that stays the same.
A persone who gets something.
A feeling of love or liking; tender feeling.
To use up; devour.
A list of things to do.
Very luxurious or rich.
Not having enough; lacking.
To interest greatly.
No longer working; no longer active.
To be enough.
Something that goes wrong; problem.
Having too much confidence
To work with; to be helpful to.
Not working; not able to fe cured or fixed.
A belief accepted as true.
To scare or frighten.
One who goes against; rival.